This is Card # on File

TMG uses a secure electronic health record (EHR) payment system. Your provider will enter your credit card information into this system with your permission and charge your account through it.

By signing below I authorize TMG to use the credit card information below to charge my credit card using an on-line system for the following purposes:

  1. FOR EACH SERVICE AT THE TIME OF SERVICE provided to me by a service provider of TMG.
  2. FOR A MISSED APPOINTMENT at the rate of $85 if I cancel less than 24 hours in advance of my appointment.
  3. IF AND WHEN MY PAYMENT BALANCE BECOMES PAST DUE. My service provider will inform me about this charge.

I acknowledge that I will be receiving an email with a receipt for the payment, as well as an e-mail with an itemized statement with appropriate information needed to submit to my insurance company and/or for tax purposes.


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