The Modalities

The Modalities Group is a therapy practice in Bowie, Maryland, led by a skilled team of mental health specialists. The practice takes a humanistic, holistic, solutions-based approach and offers counseling services for patients four and older in a welcoming, comfortable environment.


Mental Health Services at The Modalities Group LLC

Welcome to The Modalities Group LLC, where we are committed to offering complete mental health services to families, couples, and individuals. Numerous modalities are available from our staff of skilled therapists, each specifically designed to address each client's individual needs. We can assist you if you need it for trauma recovery, coping with transitions in your life, or mood problems. The Modalities Group LLC is a firm believer in the ability of therapy to foster human development, healing, and resilience. We are dedicated to providing you with evidence-based therapies and empathetic support so you can overcome challenges and lead satisfying lives.

Self Esteem Enhancement

Mood Disorders Management

Geriatric Mental Health Care

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) Techniques

Couples Therapy and Relationship Counseling

LGBTQ+ Support


Stress Management

Anger Management

Family Therapy

Parenting Support

Specialized Adolescent Mental Health Support

EMDR Therapy for Trauma Recovery

Holistic PTSD Treatment and Recovery

Comprehensive Care for Bipolar Disorder

Personalised Treatment for the Mental Health of Women

Why Choose Us

We provides well-rounded care for all walks of life. You can find the exact treatment and environment for you through the practice’s offerings, which include women’s mental health services, men’s mental health care, LGBTQ+ mental health services, adolescent mental health care, and geriatric mental health solutions.

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